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A Sweet Journey


Welcome to our


virtual shop.

Scoops & Pints

We make all of our gelato & sorbet fresh daily using the best possible local ingredients.  We are a certified dairy plant, which allows us to make our bases from scratch.


We offer up to 16 flavors available in our dipping cabinet for scoops everyday we are open, as well as homemade waffle cones.

We also offer between 30-45 flavors available in pints-to-go.  This is a fantastic way to enjoy our gelato & sorbet at home.  You can order your pints online for in-store pickup, or stop by to see what's available.

Use discount code 6PINTS at checkout to get 6 pints for $40. Only one Discount Code per order allowed.

Events & Wholesale

We are available to meet your event needs with our mobile scoop trailer, Poppy.  We can serve both indoor & outdoor events with a variety of set-up and serving options.


For special events, custom orders (fundraisers, parties, wholesale, etc), please Contact Us.

Vegan Sorbets

Our fruit-based sorbets, comprised of fresh fruit puree, water, and sugar, are delightfully light and sweet.


They contain absolutely no dairy products.


Gelato | Egg Free

Our Gelato is completely egg free and created with only seven main ingredients in its base. The diverse flavors come from inclusions that are folded in after the batch freezing process. Gelato is rich and creamy with an amazingly wonderful texture. It is worth every bite! 


Vegan +

Gluten-Free Gelato

We make fresh small batches each week and include vegan and gluten-free flavor choices so that there is something for every happy camper!



Your friends are gonna love the gelato.


Weekly Batches

You want flavors. 

We have weekly updates.


A Lot A Gelato

6 Pints for $40 Use discount code 6PINTS at checkout.

Limit 1 discount code per order

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